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Rock and roll, baby!

Oh, aiming is for sissies! Let's pray and spray, like we always do!

Yeah, that's pretty funny. And why not drag your belt through the dirt, even when you have an ammo box to hold it, keep it clean, and let it feed straight up and not lose energy hauling the belt three feet up...



 Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell them that.

Looks like he has a box mag and it looks like it feeds from a nondisintegrating belt. I don't know enough about the PKM to know if that's the case ot not, but it appears the belt falls away when he quits firing.

Ammo probably out of some garage shop in Peshawar that still makes MG-43 links. I remember a scene from Audie Murphy's bio pic that shows him using one and have seen pictures of those belts. Hey, he went through the whole belt with no failure to feed. Can't argue with success.
Looks like he's doing the Jihadi Jitterbug! LOL

 Actually, my predjudice from watching so many of these guys firing PKMs with the belts dangling, I did this dancer a disservice.  He actually *is* using the box magazine as he should.  The dangling bit is the empty belt coming out.  

But I stand by my "aiming is for sissies" comment...



 Foolish infidel!  Don't you know that you do not need to aim if you say the magic words - "Allahu Akbar"
 Aiming? Oh, ye of little faith. :-)
Hehe. Yeah, and then there's that demo trainer in Syria....with his class. Heckuva thing when you grab live stuff instead of your blue gear...and then proceed to do a very, very impressive demo(nstration).
"The rounds will find their way, Insh'allah...."