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Hmmmm... again.

 All right, gun-nerds&nuts - whatcha think?

Defensible list, if, perhaps not mine. I would swap the Henry for the M1 Garand, as an example.

Top 10 Greatest Firearms In History.


A good list, but I'd drop the .44 Mag revolver. That would make room for the Garand, which I agree belongs. I couldn't drop the Henry because it was a ground breaking weapon as was the Garand. The AK is defensible, but I think I'd replace it with the StG44 instead, the weapon that broke the Assault Rifle ground. The Mg42 is also a good choice. It wasn't the first GPMG, but it had the features we want in one these days. The Germans still use it, although in 7.62mm NATO instead.
  I'm fighting a rear-guard action against lever-gun lovers in a different forum... who observed there are more lever guns being made now than ever. So, I finally linked up some belts and fired back.

"There have been more “Remington Zouave” and M1863 Springfields made in Italy since 1960 than were made in the US during the Civil War. That’s not really a useful metric.

There are more lever makers now because “cowboy shooting” is popular, and riffing off of nostalgia. And levers are kinder on the shoulder to shoot, too.  

Doesn't mean that in the big scheme of things they made a huge impact. Their inherent limitations in fact muted their impact.  They were a dead-end from a military perspective, and rather quickly, too.

If we’re going to apply the Plevna logic to the Henry, then the Dreyse needle gun should be in there, no?

And while I’m a huge fan of the Ma Deuce as a gun, should we actually be listing the Maxim, as it’s the grandfather of all the recoil-operated belt-feds?

Hence, of course, the problem with *any* list like this. You can pick any of them apart on the eaches.
I agree with you about the Maxim - I'd replace the MG42 with it, but would keep the M-2 in. The Garand should certainly be on the list.  If we're going on volume wouldn't the FN FAL have a place?  I think (feel free to correct me, John) at one point the AK was the most numerous on the Warsaw Pact side and the FN was the big dog in the west.
The late Chris Kyle wrote a book on this subject. 
 Not quite.  Kyle's book was unabashedly US-centric.
Such a list without a British Long Land Pattern Musket (Brown Bess) strikes me as short sighted in terms of historical impact, technology, and longevity.
John, I think we've uncovered, once again, the weakness of "best of" lists of this sort. I agree with you on lever guns, but it was a big shock to the Confeds when the Henry rifle surfaced. "Load on Monday and shoot all week" meant a lot in 1864. The Cav would liked to have had something like that available to them instead of the Trapdoor Springfield. But, Cav was on it's last legs with the Indian Wars. It was Infantry that drove the Sioux onto reservations and they did it be fighting in the winter, a season not conducive to Cav ops. The needle gun was ground breaking, but the kinks weren't completely worked out until the turn bolt Mauser of '93 came out. I would put the small ring Mauser on the list before the needle gun. The biggest point, however, would be not to produce lists of this nature in the first place. A list for a certain class of weapon would make more sense, so that the Assault Rifle list, as one example, would start with the StG44 and probably end with the AK. A short list, yes, but at least it would be more meaningful. The top 10 list like in the link makes as much sense as a survey that I saw on a WW2 site 10 years ago asking "what is your favorite Tank?" then producing a top 10 list from such a survey.
Superglad I've continued to occasionally check to see if you would ever return, & now you have. Now, I'll admit this post/thread is way over my swabbie pay grade, but that doesn't lessen my pleasure at your return to blogging.
BTW, is there a Castle opinion on McMaster's third star? I've admired him ever since his '97 book "Derecliction of Duty". I finished my tour in '63 and went college, many of the Patriots I met there went to 'Nam and never returned. "Flight of the Intruder" was the best 'Nam movie & one of the best 'Nam war books. Bill will hate me, but I just can't remember the title of the wonderful/superb helicopter pilot novel of the S/E Asia War Games (we came in second).

Interesting list. But someon needs to brush up on their firearms knowlege. The MG42 did not take near a minute to change a barrel. Last I checked the k98 holds 5 rounds, not 8. Colt SAA Flip a charging man off his feet? Movies much? My guess is he decided to make this list to draw a different crowd which it did. But if is firearm knowlege is weak his google foo is weaker. Sorry its late and Im cranky.
Differences of opinions. That's why there is horse races.
Jason, I considered the source on such things and ignored them. Expecting the people that make up such lists to get the details right will simply result in headaches and heart attacks.