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"Readers, let’s take a moment to salute a true workhorse. In the world of war machines, the expensive and high-tech items get all the attention and budget—drones, anti-ship ballistic missiles, cyber warfare, and the like. But, on the battlefields of the twenty-first century, a humble and under-rated weapon has quietly showed up these expensive attention-hogs: the pickup truck."

THE PICKUP TRUCK ERA OF WARFARE, by Jack Mulcaire, over at War On The Rocks.

The Castle has a "Technical" - see above.  Well, when I think about it - two:

The Castle's *other* Technical...



Hey, when did the 57mm "wreckless" climb up there?  Last time I saw the technical I though it had a BMG on it?
 Helmdahl probably cannot use HEAT rounds, and with the Armorer considering buying a Mk IV tank he is obviously feeling the need for anti-tank defences.