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 We were discussing the Regular Army's realization that we might as well strike our tents and go home, conceding the field to the Marines, and letting the National Guard have some tanks, and we Regulars will just go on the dole, like most of the rest of the country.

An infantry Colonel of my acquaintance penned this letter for the world:
"I have prepared a letter for distribution world wide:

Dear Adversary,

We have decided to reduce the size of our squads to six soldiers. The Air Force and Navy have decided not to play, so we have no choice but to get smaller. We hope that you will understand and reduce correspondingly the size of your infantry formations. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

By the way, one defense analyst has discovered that they Royal Danish Army has been using six man squads in Afghanistan without experiencing any problems. So there you have it.

The US Army (not to be confused with the NGUS)"

After all, the Marines constantly remind us they can do absolutely anything we do better than us, and the Guard says the same thing, with the added caveat of they do it cheaper, too. And as an additional duty.

From a cynically pessimistic (i.e., realistic) reading of this article: US Army Forecasts Shrinking Squads, Smaller Vehicles


 I'm afraid that a cynical atitude towards things of this nature will be far closer to reality than any other attitude. FedGov is declining so rapidly I doubt anyone else coming in after the current slug will be able to put things right. Reagan still had a decent foundation on which to rebuild. But after Clinton, Bush 2 and The current sock puppet, that foundation will be long gone.
 I once scoffed at the idea that the US would disintegrate into smaller states. But now, I look at that as a best case scenario where at least some areas of the country may retain some semblance of freedom and liberty, a.k.a., "traditional America".