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 The whole perpetual "offended-panties-in-a-wad" nature of life online today is one more reason I'm more and more tuning out of what passes for pop culture - and dropped twitter like a hot potato about 30 days after signing up.

I find I don't miss it much. And I was never so cool that it really affects my status that I am so uninvolved.

Life. Get one.*

U.S. Figure Skater’s Outfit Ruffles Some Feathers — But Offended Parties Aren’t the Usual Suspects

I've even created a new category for it.

Yes, I get the irony.

And I bet they immediately tossed his room searching for gun-bit Pop Tarts.

 *Both sides.


But...but...but...  A holster implies a gun! And guns are dangerous! 
 Wearing lethal weapons on your feet and swinging them past your partner's face at lightning speed whilst pulling triple axels = "sport" Wearing empty leather pouches that were designed to hold a weapon under your stinkpits = zomg teh evils