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And the circle, is unbroken...

 Basically, the Regular Army is being told to go home and watch your kit rust while everybody else gets to move on, pretty much.

T'was ever thus, and will be ever thus for a maritime power.

The ax falls: Highlights of the budget proposal.



Prediction: If a Democrat stays in the White House, the Army is below 400K within a year.

Observation - all in all, perhaps not the worst thing.  Given that we have no fricking clue on how to use our military in a policy and strategy sense, there really isn't a reason to keep a big one around, we just blunder into stupid.

Our leaders aren't worthy of their soldiers, so, we should just reduce the soldiers.



Last time this happened, FDR was president and MacArthur was Army CoS. We saw the result of that later when we had to build from almost nothing to the military we had at VE and VJ day. Both parties are pretty short sighted in this matter. We'll still spend that money, but it will be given out as bribes for votes and crony capitalism instead. Defense of the country can go hang. The next war will probably see us lose the first battle, again. Alas, this time around, the first loss will probably end the war.
 Well, it's not like we've been winning our wars of late, anyway.
Quartermaster, no matter what size of our Military, we need to learn how to use it effectively. There is a mandate from the US Constitution that before this Nation goes to war, there needs to be a Congressional Declaration of War. This authority cannot be delegated to the Commander 'n  Chief of the US Military or POTUS. Congress should never write a law that directly contradicts this Constitutional provision. It is one thing to be attacked and to defend this nation for a short period of time. But to plan an attack, there should have been a Declaration of War. US Presidents are not Kings. During the US Revolutionary War, at certain meetings of the Revolutionaries, they had a riddle as a password, it went like this, "Could you tell me, is it the King is law or is it the Law is King?" You better have the right answer.

John, BINGO! My follow-up question would be this, "Can anybody tell me what we have learned from our recent Military History? As we look at these best lessons learned, now, tell me where they are being applied and how." As always, Grumpy 
Future Conflict- can you say Task Force Smith?
qmcorps - I sure hope not, the Marines have just recently started talking to the Arny again...
"Building for the next one" as in the past is no longer possible.

We are no longer equipped with the industrial base, or the workers who "make things" to be the "arsenal of democracy" or even provide for our own needs.

Shipyards, tank plants, aircraft factories, ammunition plants, small arms makers, heck, even places to make uniforms or shoes----  we just do not have many any more.    The environmentalists and unions drove most of them out of business over the lst 70 years.

You go to war with the Army you have got, not the one you wish you had.  We will pay in blood for our refusal to pay the price to defend freedom.  Obama is sacrificing freedomto protect "free stuff" that buys votes to keep his ilk in power.

Besides the GIANT RIF of all the workers that produce the materials/planes/ammo/vehicles, etc, the number of troops that won't be allowed to re-up, the loss of experience, when next we need to go to war, the thing that really "Chaps My Hide" is mothballing the A-10 while the nations sons and daughters are still "In Harms Way".
There is no better friend when you are "In The Shit" and need CAS, than the A-10.

This, my friends, is "Why Daddy Drinks"...
Yeah, what ChrisP said. AF sure needs a new tanker, since the KC-135 is older than I am, and I could have retired last year if I had (been crazy enough to have) reenlisted. The Army needs the A-10; I saw some reports of "pushback" against the A-10's leaving.
So this is how America ends, not with a BANG but with a whimper.
This is NOT going to bode well for the future.
The bad guys still have ALL of their weapons and people to use them, plus there are now some BIG weapons around that was not there before July 1945. 
Looks like we are getting to the same point as we were during December 7, 1941.
What could possibley go wrong?  And how many millions will die because of it?
Give the A-10 to the Army. That's where it belongs anyway.
Part of a military's raison d'etre is DETERRENCE, but that is dependent on having both the capability and the will to use it. We no longer have either. As John(NTA) said, we will pay a very high price for this in the future.
Pairing this development with President Obama's stated desire to have a civilian defense force equal in size to the military, a downsized military would mean that the civilian force wouldn't have to be quite as big either.  I suspect that few will find comfort in that thought.
I believe the current POTUS would love to have a Praetorian Guard that answered only to him, another term for that sort of force is Shulzen Staffel.
 I can't help it, I can't lettit go. 

Sorry, Badger-Boy, but *this* is a "Shulzen Staffel"

*This* is a "SchutzStaffel."


 You write in the next to last paragraph, you write about the need or the lack of need to maintain a large military. You write about the possibility of "blundering into stupid." My question is this, "How do you wonder into a place that you have been stuck for the last 30 years?" Yes, we have been stuck on stupid for a minimum of 30 years. Many would argue, this is a very conservative guess. I hear what the politicians are saying and any relationship between their statements and reality is purely coincidental, but never planned.
I miss-typed.