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And now for something less confusing...

...a moment of Gunner Zen.

U.S. Army Pfc. Kevin B. Mettler (front), 22, and Pvt. Jason R. Pompa (rear), 26, mortar gunners for Mortar Platoon, L Troop of the 4th Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment based in Vilseck, Germany, cover their ears as a long-range training round is fired out of a 120 mm mortar which has a maximum range of 6,800 meters. The training rounds have cartridges similar to 12-gauge shotgun shells at the top of each round that detonates a white flash upon impact instead of sending out shrapnel as a live mortar would.


Way Cool!  The projectile in the middle of the flash.  
 Centurian's favorite form of Artillery.
Not being of the redleg persuasion, I would be a bit leery of the rounds with exposed propellant charges that close to the muzzle flash. How about a explain for the ignorant of us?
Ditto what Augetter said.  That looks like a serious safety violation to me.
 It's not how I would allow my crews to stack ammo.  If only because those plastic casings on the propellant donuts are fragile and ya don't need the moisture exposure.

Just ran across this little gem and thought I'd share it:


“The moral high ground - is a good place to set up artillery…”

It might have been posted here before.  Still a good comment.