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A little maintenance in the morning...

...keeps the Armorer focused.


Very good!
Maintenance and preservation are a bit different for collector arms than for shooter types.  Although healthy doses of WD-40, CLP and the like are certainly a good start (keeping them off the wood, mind you...)  Stuff that will not be fired really should receive different care.

One of the best protective agents, and nearly universally used by museum professionals, is the small white tin of Renaissance brand microcrystaline wax.  It is best applied to a totally degreased weapon, part by part, after the parts have been warmed (sunshine is your friend!) to help the wax melt into the surface and seep into corners and crevices.   Then buff to a nice gloss and you are good for several years.  Renaissance is equally good on wood and metal parts, unlike oils and greases.   It may seem expensive, but it really does go a long way.  Besides, if it helps protect a $500+ gun, spending an extra dollar for the best protection is a good investment. 

For short term storage, or when firing is likely in the future, WD-40 seems to be a popular choice.

This is also a reminder that to protect your guns, you need to be proactive and take positive action to fight the only two enemies of guns---- Rust and Policiticans.
Looking at the trigger on that piece, it seems that it is different than other examples I have seen. Is that a variant that will fire single shots?
And the rare 22LR box in the background....Sweet.