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Things that make ya go, "Hmmmm."

 Heh. Hey, as long as she'll sell to gay couples, she should be good, right? Now what happens if she refuses to sell to military personnel?

Ah, I love living in a land under the rule of law, not men.

Oh, wait. We don't. Not any more.

What am I blathering about?


Marijuana and the military: Can an active-duty spouse sell pot?


 John, this has all of the makings of old ammunition kept In a hot and very humid environment. I mean this is volatile, because it all depends upon which law and what jurisdiction the different law enforcement agencies' are operating under. This is a "jump-ball".

The total irony is this, many of the lawmakers have been acting like they were already under the influence on all levels of government. Seriously, I think we need all whole new caliber of political leaders and I have believed this, for a long time. I believe you were right.