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Lone Survivor

Just saw Sole Survivor.

I have thoughts.

For my non-military friends who see the movie.

1. Yes, we really do talk like that cornpone sappy dialogue. Even when getting shot at, and shooting back. And mean it. We are not "Coffeehouse Sophisticates" when we are about our business. Don't mistake that for an inability to engage in the coffee house, latte-boy.

2. If you walk out of that movie and don't completely understand why my tribe can get exercised about Stolen Valor - then I can't help you, your empathy routine is corrupted, however much you may cry watching Thelma and Louise or Eat Pray Love.

For my fellow tribe members - some of you are going to flashback. Be warned.

For former Secretary Gates. F*ck you, you gutless wonder. You are not worthy of the lives expended on your watch.* You let us down. Badly. And sadly you are going to get richer for it for all that I am glad you wrote the book. You should donate the entire proceeds to warrior charities.

Representative Ryan, Senator Murray. Shame on you for not having the moral courage to share the pain. Just balance it on the people least likely to do much about it, and of whom you demand, and expect, so much. And who gave it. Freely.

*Yes, I know Gates wasn't in charge during Operation Red Wings. If you think this is about that, you are mistaken. This is about sending people off to die when you know the boss doesn't believe in it. Gates was the first person in the military chain of command who had an obligation to us.