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 The Chinese are back.  20,000 spam in one day.



John, Have you considered going to registration for commenters? Be a bit of a pain getting everyone set up but after that it should be fairly easy.
Did you recieve the email I sent a while back suggesting comments on twitter instead of the blog?  Strobist has been using it with great sucess.  I would have no problem registering as suggested by KCSteve, either.
Did Captcha help?  My biggest roblem with the one you used was the very hard to read fonts.  I think the "chinkbots" may be baffled by a simpler font, just like the distorted ones.

Too bad, even this brief revival has been fun.

How about just your posts, and we email comments you can post if worthy instead of the form?  Or comment on the super secret Lex site and you can snatch those if you feel like it.

Maybe we should chip in and get you one of those big Chinese terra cotta warriors and you can set it out down range a bit for stress relief?
 Dammit, do whatever you believe is best for YOU! If registration is the way you want to go, let us know the particulars of how to register.

Don't worry, I get my "Rotten Mutha's Day Card", every year. This is not a joke!

Now you know, why they just call me...

 So far, they've not made it in, due to some tweaks I made.  
Glad to see you back, sir. Do whatever you need to do to maintain your sanity. 20K clicks to dump the spam is way too many. Find someone to backtrack the spam and crash their server.
 Good to see you back John. Damned glad!

John do whatever is convenient for you to maintain your sanity. Captcha was fine with me. SKK and Bayou Rennaissance man use it on their blogs and I'm not the least bit offended by it.

 John, "Tweak" their nuts good and tight! 8^)
Yeah, the bots are something else. I was running a server (with just an IP address) just for giggles last fall. I got to the point where I was contemplating buying a domain name from Mrs. Skippy. I checked my logs around about November, and I was seeing Hungarian mythological monster references (Z something or other), which was a php exploit scanner, and a check for what server version I was running. I remembered that this was not my mission in life and pulled it off the internet.