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More scalps, plz.

"Pour le encourager les autres."

That will have a far more noticeable effect than making flag officers sit through a class on how not to be a butthead.

Set the example, Secretary Hagel.  Fire people.  With predjudice.

From the WaPo:

Military brass, behaving badly: Files detail a spate of misconduct dogging armed forces.


John - great to see you back.  Captch, Recaptcha work well, I never had a problem with any that you had used - some were easier than others, but whatever it takes to ban the heathen Chinese - we will work with you.
Lots more scalps. Put 'em in front a court martial and allow them to explain themselves. Send 'em to guest near your demesne, and the rest will eventually get the message. "They," however, won't. There are double standards, yanno.
Why, they've responded forcefully.  Milper  Message Number 13-306 was released stating that one of the leadership bullets on NCOERs (and OERs, too) has to have a statement in it "WHEN COMPLETING PART IV, BLOCK D OF DA FORM 2166-8, NCO EVALUATION REPORT, RATERS WILL ASSESS HOW WELL THE RATED NCO FOSTERED A CLIMATE OF DIGNITY AND RESPECT AND ADHERED TO THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT/ASSAULT RESPONSE AND PREVENTION (SHARP) PROGRAM."  That will resolve all the problems, right?
Okay, no argument with any of the expectaions of high ethical and behavior standards from our senior (and junior,  for that matter) military leaders.

However,  I damn sure expect the SAME high standards from our civilian masters.   We need zero tolerence for crooks in Congress, those who are cheating on THEIR spouses, and any who hang around with terrorists, domestic or foreign.  We can all name a lot who fail in those categories, and there are doubtless many more whose misdeeds are not common knowledge.

We probably ought to have IQ tests for the entire chain of command from the Commander in Chief (who would pass) on down.  I am not sure that "Slow Joe" or SECDEF would fare so well.  Within Congress there would at least be decimation, if not larger disqualifications for the bozos there.

Forget all the useless PC verbiage on the ER/OER/FITREP/EVAL papers.  TIghten it up a bit to "I would/would not want to go into combat with this person."
How many evals have said  "This guy is a sexist, racist homophobic pig who discriminates."  Exactly ZERO, I bet, so that line of attack is worthless.

 Public hangings do serve as an example of what not to do.  However, comma, dot dot dot, that's rarely applied at the field grade or general officer level.  E-7 and below however, ropes & necks get stretched.  It's a shame that douchebaggery isn't punishable under the UCMJ.
This on One Marines View - Ya Gotta Be S******* Me!  I remember if one thread was hanging anywhere, bends and thrusts forever.  Obama has relieved all the flag/general grades who disagreed with him and we are left with this BS.  Lessons Schwarzkoph and others took from the Vietnam war, don't let the politicians run the military, eject any incompetent officers/nco's, and promotion based on accomplishment not time in grade.  I cry for my country.
Sorry for the double post John.