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Just because...

 A 'Murican family portrait.


That is just plain awesome.
A mighty fine bunch of history there!  These are the tools of freedom, buying it and protecting it.

However, there seems to be a deficiency in the 1855-1888 period.  Perhaps you just ran out of space, or got lazy after humping all this out of the vault.  But, if indeed, you ARE a bit short in that area I can help.... [evil grin!]

Might be time for your "standard warning" lest some bed-wetting types get the wrong idea about what is and is not legal in the free states. 
Who needs a reason?
I like it.  I can ID about one in three, though -- how about some sort of key?

In particular, I want to know what is that vicious-looking knife halfway down the left side -- the one with the huge sickle-shaped blade.  Were it twice the size I'd call it a falchion, but I never saw a knife-sized falchion before. 

What, no Johnson?
 Nope.  Had one, once. Sad story I do not care to relate at to why I no longer (since a long time ago) have it.

Nice extended family photo.