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Houston, we have a problem.

In my day, these would be rapidly-cooling careers in a professional morgue.

The Air Force leadership needs to figure this one out, quickly.

You want to control city-busters and cheat on the exams - you prolly should be properly investigated, tried, and if convicted, frog-marched to Fort Leavenworth, post-haste. After having your sword broken over your head.

34 ICBM launch officers implicated in cheating probe.


 John, I think this whole problem stems back to the politicians to a point. The US Air Force lost its direction about the same time as the closing of SAC. This was their heart and soul. Let's take a look at this, what would happen if we took the US Navy out of the water? I just wonder who brought up this gem of "infantile wisdom"? To be perfectly frank, I would not suggest this. Everybody says, "Do more with less!" Have they ever begun to think about the implications of their actions? I am not just talking about these cheaters, this is wrong. But I am also talking about a different kind of "cheater" and they are always the political types. There is nothing easy about this. But, the US Constitution DICTATES certain objectives, that must be met first and they have worn to "Support, Protect and Defend the US Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC." Does that include themselves?