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A morning spent on weapons maintenance... a morning well-spent.


Indeed.  CLP is wonderful stuff, but I miss the smell of Hoppes.
 There's Hoppes on the shelf.
 Feeling nostalgic for turn-of-(last) century Europe, John?  Danish Krag and a Roth-Steyr I believe.
Welcome back!  Missed you, big guy!

Looks like fun.  But it was more fun to wander around the Las Vegas Antique Arms show.  Most of the stuff is wildly unaffordable, but some amazingly rare and cool stuff, nonetheless.

Sadly, there were some items that had some rather obvious (and sadly, not noted by the sellers) defects, ranging from replaced parts and refinishing to spurious markings (the new ones tending to increase value...). 

" a morning well-spent."



Thanks for starting up again, John.


What is that pistol in the photo, please?

John, it's good to see you back in the saddle. My morning coffee will be all the better.
 Hungarian Roth-Stey M1907.
Thanks, John.

Welcome back, John.  My life had been incomplete without a daily glimpse of all the weapons I wish I had.   And all the rest!

Yesterday was indeed weapons maintenance and cleaning day.  Time well spent for sure.  Oiled and cleaned and ready to roll.  For when the zombies come. 
Spent the morning cleaning also. And figuring out how to make a sling mount with paracord on one of my oddball bullpups. Good times. Good to see you posting again. Missed it greatly!
:doing happy dance: (You really don't want to imagine that.) Welcome back, John!
Glad to see you back at it. I had *almost* stopped checking......
 Welcome back, John! Us paratroopers have missed you! Facebook just isn't the same as the Castle!
Welcome back, John!
I was having withdrawl symptoms.
Thank you!