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Things that make ya go, "Hmmmm..."

 Since the administration is evicting people from homes they *own* albeit on leased Federal land, that begs these two questions.

1. Will they start evicting Section 8 housing residents?

2. Will they demand that privatized military housing, where the homes are owned by a private business, but located on Federal land, be emptied?

If not (and they won't), how then does the NPS justify evicting the people at Lake Mead?


 Because they think they can.  

This administration is the one that captures a terrorist overseas and then proceeds to read him his rights under US territorial law.  
Because any government powerful enough to give you everything is also powerful enought to take it away. Don't agree with the government? No housing, licenses, or healthcare for you.
 The people running NPS are scum. The one's carrying out the orders really aren't any better. Citizens aren't allowed on the mall, but illegals are.

Scum. Just scum.

They're from the government, and they're here to ... I won't say that here.

Interesting hashtags noticed today #PresidentStompyFoot #SpiteHouse
Let's see.

I believe that many of the Federal land tenants are there under some form of leasing agreement. Some may be explicit, others de-facto.

If we were to apply the same principles to private sector leases, then if your landlord got temporarily furloughed from his day job, or just had a pay check delayed due to budgeting problems by his employer, then he would be justified, if not obligated to boot you out of your apartment even though you had been faithfully paying the rent.

Hmmmmmmm indeed.

NPS has now cut off kids from getting home. There is a development off the Foothills Parkway in Tennessee that uses the parkway for access. It is the only safe access in fact. The idiot running GSMNP has shut it off and the kids now can't get home. The NPS has turned malicious.