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 Bing West, no friend of the Left, has some harsh words for leading lights (or, rather, not leading) on the Right:

"On October 8, Mr. Romney appeared on television to sagely opine that “President Obama had to work with people across the aisle.” What message is delivered by saying nothing?

The vapid Mr. Romney shuttles between his properties; Mr. Bush rides a bike on his ranch. Neither stands up for whatever he believes.

In contrast, Mr. Clinton is working hard to insure a second Clinton presidency.

We get the smug, self-satisfied leaders we deserve."


The whiners over there are on their usual flight. Bing is correct. I liked Bush in some ways, but in too much he was horrid. Bing is right about Mittens too. The primary voters that nominated Mittens need their collective heads examined. There was no way he could have won being the grandpappy of Zer0care. A number of us warned the GOP about it, but you can tell how much attention we were given. NRO comments make one glad for places like this and The Other McCain. Trolls aren't tolerated at TOM, and I've seen little of that here as well.
I was unaware that Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Romney were planning to run for President. Why, indeed, are their husbands sitting back pretending to be retired from politics. Oh! The humanity.
West needs more regularity in his diet. As I pointed out over there, Bush is retired, and Romney discarded. Why should either one try to "lead?"

Romney certainly could have won the election, if so many self-appointed purists hadn't sat things out. Go back and check the vote totals. Obama LOST votes in every state. Why didn't Romney win? Because even more people stayed home who could have voted againt Obama, if not for Romney.

BTW, QM: Obamacare is arguably not Constitutional. Romneycare is, as Mass. is a sovereign state. The states can do things the Feds can't. You remember federalism, no? Not to mention the Democrats in Mass. repeatedly altered the program (once passed)  over Romney's vetoes.

Another reason Obama won: party loyalty. I have some good friends who were/are Hillary supporters, and they were pretty pissed off how Obama and the media treated her during the primary season. I very nearly told her "Welcome to my world." But when November rolled around, she pulled the lever for the Democratic ticket, no matter what the SCOAMF had said or done.

Conservative "purists," on the other hand, stayed home, while complaining how horrible or squishy Romney was.
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Traditionally, former presidents have retired quietly and refrained from public criticism of a successor.

Clinton, always the glory hound (and skirt chaser) is unrestrained by tradition, morals or any other good sentiment. He, and his shrewish wife are hard core liberals seeking to press the liberal agenda, and feather their own nest(s) while accumulating power, prestige and wealth.

Bush and Romney are good, decent, honorable men, so their behavior is, of course, quite different.
 I wondered how you guys would react (the ones willing to do so).

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I believe that I would trade Bush or Romney, or either of their wives, or any combination for the Obama/Jarrett team at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, I believe that we will have another Hillary. Too many women in the suburbs will be happy to cross over from Republican land to vote for her.
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CAsey, it's not even close to arguable. One has to twist the constitution into an unrecognizable knot to get within a 100 light years. But, then, 98%+ of what FedGov is dabbling in is not in the enumerated powers. FedGov is basically a criminal enterprise we are all forced to live under. Outside of Foreign Relations (diplomacy and defense) and interstate commerce, FedGov has no lawful function. Unfortunately, SCOTUS refuses to read the Constitution, so there has been no restraint on the gangsters who lord it over us.

Yeah, I kinda wanted to check the time-date stamp on that article since I couldn't figure out why anyone would mention Romney or Bush now--other than their being  "good, decent, honorable men."

For a while now, my witticism about the GOP goes something like this:  The Republicans are playing politics; the Democrats are playing revolution.
  General West has decided to follow the lead of General Powell?

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