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No Fiddler's Green For It



 Me thinks that the rumors of death are premature.
That carcass is in much too good condition. The bones were picked clean long ago.

Well, when you play politics while the other side is playing revolution, these things happen.

And, if I may leave a note for whomsoever set that type and precipitated another bout of my PTSD (Poor Typography Stress Disorder, that is), I realize that there is some kind of sense of power or importance generated by using all capital letters (aka all caps) but it pretty much always requires some serious adjustment to both letterspace and wordspace by which I mean increases. Try to remember that legibility is the first responsibility of those who set type. The headline isn't too bad, but the other two lines need some serious help lest they, too, be burned and then salted.
 Ah, 11B40, you and your phobias...
Yup. Have not given the party a dime since 2008. Have given $$$$ to individual CONSERVATIVE candidates, some of whom won, some did not.

Club for Growth is usually a pretty good evaluator of folks who are true conservatives on economic issues, and those folks nearly always have the right views on other issues (guns, etc) as well. Club for Growth is also pretty astute in evaluating races with good chances of winning, so you are not tilting at windmills, but investing where there are good odds of actually changing the balance to the right.

The NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF are very, very good places to donate money for vital battles.

Several other PACs which support solid conservative candidates are worth supporting: especially those associated with Ted Cruz, Jim DeMint (Heritage Foundation).

Giving a dime to the Republican Party, or its surrogates will be largely wasted as they will support obvious RINOs and even worthless, senile idiots. (Yeah, McCain, Collins, and Hatch, I'm talking about YOU as examples but not the only ones!)

In addition to actual cash money, volunteer hours on individual campaigns at the local level working the phones, planting yard signs, dropping literature at doors, etc can really make a difference.

Remember, it is easier to get the right bills passed when good people get elected, rather than trying to convince idiots to change their ways, so campaigns and elections are necessary investments!
At this point, I've pretty much given up on the GOP, our fraudulent electoral system, and the American electorate who now seem to be a majority of misinformed, maleducated, indoctrinated, apathetic LIV morons who believe whatever the Leftist MFM tells them to believe.
John (NTA) I'm glad you added those last couple grafs; I've noticed that the vast majority of people who complain about one party or the other at best spend a few dollars a year in contributions.

Even those who brag about not giving money to "the party" haven't much to bitch about. It's the folks who show up for call banks, pass out leaflets, knock on doors, and drive other people to the voting booth who get things done. If you don't do for the party, then why should the party do for you?

Do you really want change? Join the local party machinery. Become a valuable cog; change people's minds about what kind of party they should have.

Oh, and please quit stabbing the "RINO"s in the back, in public. Do y'all know why Obama won the last election? Because a) Democrats got up off their butts and VOTED for him, even the ones who despised him for what he did to Hillary, and b)they got their friends to vote as well.

Many self-proclaimed conservatives, on the other hand, sat on their own hands while refusing to help the Romney campaign, much less vote for the man.

Conservatives like that remind me of many libertarians I know, who are more concerned with ideological purity than with actual accomplishments. There's a reason the hard-core types never gain much success.
John (nta) you may want to reevaluate your thoughts about the Heritage Foundation after their "thumb-on-the-scales" actions this week:
 "Heritage Action opposes the House proposal and will include it as a key vote on our legislative scorecard."
The House proposal was essentially the same as that which came from the Senate and eventually passed.  Big difference though is who gets credit in the public's eye for ending the shutdown.  Also, this further allows Stompyfoot in the Spite House the illusion that he is still the "smartest guy in the room" for not negotiating with "terrorists".  Why would a so-called conservative organization, the very same who are associated with Sen. Cruz, et al, sabotage the Republican House in this way?
 Casey, what you are proposing has been tried and has been failure almost uniformly. Ohio is a typical state in that regard, and they are very unwelcoming to anyone that even appears to rock the boat. They are so firmly under teh control of the establishment that the party allowed an idiot, Bob Taft, to take the Gov's office, and then stood back while his corruption so harmed the brand that a flaming leftist wingnut ended up in office whio in a short 4 years completed the job Taft had started. 

The estblishment wants our support, but they will only throw us a bone every now and again. I have no use for them, anymore than they have any use for me. YMMV


 "Do you really want change? Join the local party machinery. Become a valuable cog; change people's minds about what kind of party they should have."

Been there, do that (am a publicly-elected party official).  It's hard to get good candidates.  Depressingly so.

Because the ones you want to have the jobs don't want anything to do with the cesspool that is campaigning in a sharp contest, vice the civil ones.