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Military Chaplaincy (Or Lack Thereof)

One thing that is wadding-up my BVD's in a bunch, is the DOD barring all Chaplains from carrying on their important duties during this period of fiscal strife we are living with.  The DOD is doing this because under the determination of the Secretary of Defense, chaplains do not contribute to the morale, well-being, capabilities and readiness  of military members.

The Memorandum with its full quote is found: HERE

Well, Hells-Bells! That's exactly what chaplains do.  Boosting Morale, Well Being, Capabilities and Readiness is at the core of what they do.  But then again, when you have Marxists running the show, what else do you expect.

As many of you may know, I am a practicing Roman Catholic, and proud of it thankyouverymuch!  In barring the faithful from attending mass on days of obligation, our Government is forcing them to break the First and most important of Commandments.  It is beyond me how the Archdiocese for the Military Services is supinely acquiescing to this dictate. Furthermore, by their tacit approval, they themselves are being instrumental accessories for their members of their Bishopric to the commitment of this sin. I do this observation in the spirit of a most fraternal correction.



Boq, the main problem is that the RCC is reaping the result of their long support of liberalism in the name of social justice and helping the poor. The Church is not supposed to farm out their functions, yet the RCC hierarchy has been doing it since the 20s, The hierarchy as a result is now being bitten hard on the cassocked behinds. I feel for the troops, but having nothing but contempt for the Bishops.
QM - I couldn't agree more with you.  Once the Bishops started flirting with Baal, confusion reigns through and through.
The restrictions, where ever they might be in effect, do not apply to uniformed Chaplains. Their mission continues. Some installations have cancelled services by contract priests, and in some places that's all they have. I think that the interpretation is dead wrong and I believe that this wrongheaded approach is not universal, but it's certainly going on in some places.

This brings to light a problem of long standing. The Catholic Church cannot supply sufficient uniformed Chaplains to meet the religious needs of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines of the Catholic faith. There are plenty of uniformed Baptist Chaplains.
Oh c'mon Centurion. Not Baptist Chaplains. I'd send them to Lutherans. :-) The RCC has been increasingly running short of priests because of the general decline of the RCC. Liberalism has nasty effects across the board and that's one of them. I agree with you on cancelling Mass held by contract Priests. But DOD has been getting more and more PC and they are taking any route they can to make it hard for traditionalists.

"Contract" priests were willing to forego pay during this period to minister to the members of the armed services, and to continue to provide the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. 

Just more mean-spirited humbug from POTUS.


Maybe we should petition the vatican to flood the chaplaincy with hard core Jesuits. Being the product of a Jesuit upbringing and education, I would predict things would change rapidly just to get them to go away. Dedicated firebreathers.
The issue for contract priests is the same as for any other Government contractor.  Working for free is verboten because it can create an unfair bargaining advantage for the contractor doing so, either in the ongoing operations of the present contract or a competitive advantage in future competitions.  The Government cannot allow itself to be in a position of wanting to choose competitor A because they offer to or even have  a history of doing x% more work for "free" above what was contracted when other competitors may not be willing or able to.

Also, it leads to some unfair labor practices for employees of such a company.  It is not OK for the company to be in a position to demand uncoompensated labor from its employees.  Like the situation of the relationship between the Government and its contractors, employers do not want to be beholden to their employees for donated labor.

Why the contract(s) were not funded is a different matter.  If it was deemed important enough to hire contract priests to provide some measure of equality of treatment for Roman Catholics before the circus began, then maintaining that equality should be of equal priority during the circus.  Basis for a religious discrimination claim by Roman Catholic troops?
25Z, Jesuits are probably the most dangerous of the religious orders. One Pope suppressed them because he saw the danger. Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit who laicized during Pope Paul VI's misrule, said he was surprised that the order had not been suppressed again and felt that it should have been. A lot of the trash you see in the RCC these days, e.g. liberation "theology, came in as a result of the Jesuits who were the main pushers of such heresy. There's a lot more that can be said about the Jesuits, but I'll leave it at that. What I've posted above is not even the worst of it.
Sorry, QM, but I'm not taking the bait; this isn't the place to debate theology. Regardless of what you think about their religious ideals, they started teaching us inductive and deductive logic in the fifth grade, and we were constantly challenged to defend our opinions based on logic, not emotions. A valuable life skill learned early and still valuable today.