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Mebbe *this* will do it for you...

It *is* on the web.
da_thing2.jpg And as the Centurion observed, it is *not* a waffle iron.


Some sort of Trench bomb?
Russian grenade, if I remember correctly, Shape 1912. it's square in cross section, right?
Plainly a <I>very inefficient</i> shovel*.

(This is still correct even if og's right.

Grenades are very inefficient shovels.)
 Give enough clues even *I* can figger it out.

Russian M1912 "lantern" grenade!

and it has been seen here before:

I would go "Arrgghhh" but that would be over the top...
 You also get docked -10 for a spelling error.  Excess "r" in Argghhh!.
Not a lantern grenade.  Eustache Dauger's birdhouse.
Looks like arming that thing would be quite the act of faith...
However, in saying so, the Centurion was obviously waffling.