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Let's get esoteric



I guess it is the easy use lock to the barn door which has been left open by the govt shutdown. Okay, how about the lock to the goat barn. Nice photos of the denizens of the castle area. The patrol looked nice.
Is this a resident of the Arms Room?
 Whatever it is, it is in dire need of generous amounts of CLP
This looks familiar, John. Was it a former Whazzit? I can't remember what it is, even if so. LOL
Let's clean this up old-school:
soak that sucker in RBC, smack with 2# ball peen hammer; repete as required, then hose down with LSA.

 QM - yes.
Frank - mebbe.
Boq and Eric - go after my artifact with those tools and you will find out what slit trenches are for after an artillery bombardment.



Thats kinda harsh dude!

 My Castle, my artifacts, my rules!

It's good to nip these things in the bud.



firing mechanism of some sort, probably booby trap, mine, or similar.

 I'd swear this was here once before.

Some sort of booby trap trigger, the latch on the left is spring loaded to hit a firing pin and the sliding bar on the right is the pull/trop mechanism.

Yes, some type of a spring-gun or alarm gun.
 I'm gonna have to do a minute study of said residents, with pictures and notes so you can't be so mean to me in the future. I can't members it and it's just not fair. Not at all. :-)