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Inventive folks, those Syrian rebels.



 I guess Allahu Akhbar means fire in the hole too.
That blue canister on the business end of the second round looks a lot like munitions depicted in a different video I saw recently that claimed to prove that the Syrian rebels were using chemical weapons.
 There goes John with his spigot weapons again.  Has he got some hang up with long rods?

If it works, it ain't stupid. 

QM, I thought "Allahu Akbar" was Arabic for "Hold my beer and watch this!" 


Prolly that too, Joe. :-)
 I seem to remember propane tanks in that colour of blue that were rigged as IEDs in the IDF video about the Jenin propaganda event (I refuse to call it a massacre like the libtards do as the greatest casualty was the truth). 

Here's another improvised mortar in Syria. Wonder who welded the struts onto the tank?