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D'you think TSA will have an objection to... new underseat carry-on briefcase?


 I wanna be there when you plop that on the conveyor. I r e a l l y wanna be there. That will be an entertaining 6 or 7 hours.
No prob- it's clearly labelled 'practice'. Now, if the TSA weenies don't read English well....
hmmmm. Still, Leavenworth is close to home...
Travel Delta and let a 9 year old carry it.
One sub-paragraph of said discussion (or three to five minutes, rather) would be explaining why if it's practice it says "LOADED." I'm thinking it's loaded for weight or something, but I *know* it's practice, and TSA probably probably isn't allowed to know that. OK, not know in the strictest epistemic sense, but trust, which is the line TSA is suppose to balk at crossing. Quatermasters just say, "Of course i trust you; that's why I'm letting you sign for it."
 @Neffi:  Heh.  I got stopped for a 9mm bullet, and ONLY the bullet, on my keyring.  I asked the jackass if it were another shape would he let it through and he said that wasn't the point because it WAS a bullet.  I told him to search my carryon very thoroughly and he'd find no powder, primer, case, or reloading equipment, and certainly no way to fire a round even if I could make one with instant coffee, sugar, and a ballpoint pen (at which point he REALLY gave me a hard look), but it made no difference.  Dumb shit and a sucker at that.
What the hell.  Plenty more in the big jar that one came from.  The bullet, I mean.