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Congratulations are in order.

 1. Congrats to the Operators and support folks who pulled off those two ops this week.

2. Congrats to the President for authorizing them, and *probably* not micro-managing them from the situation room.

3. Boo to the people who insist on identifying which units in the SpecOps world are doing what, where, and when. Mystery, even in the form of an "open secret" is a weapon in and of itself.


 I second that emotion. Well done!
I will be interesting to see what happens to the one who was captured.  Several years ago it would have been Gitmo or a prison in some other country that allowed the CIA to hold prisoners in their dungeo..  oops I mean, incarceration facility.  
Obviously I missed some news. Wha' happen'?
Dammit! I lost my post!
The Somalia raid walked into a trap, because some dumbass in the "Administration" informed the Somali "Government" (in the loosest of terms) of the upcoming op.
What should have been a 5 minute "In & Out", turned into a protracted fire-fight.

so it goes...
In those cases where the culprit has been identified, the source of military unit identification has mostly been the White House. This has been true every since aircraft from the "Shangri-La bombed Tokyo. It wasn't long before the public learned that it was Hornet.
Chris - did you use the "back arrow" button? 
Yes I did. The same "Captcha" remained, but my comment was gone. When I re-entered it, I captured it to the clip-board before trying to submit. I failed, again, even though the captcha was "clear as mud". That way I could just paste it back.
Rather than the picture of the current CinC that is posted in the entry of every military facility in the US, this should be the picture, as it, more accurately reflects his attitude toward the military, and the citizens of this country: