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Caption Contest (Baloney Sammiches For All Edition)



 Dunno what's innit. Wouldn't eat the mother, who would after he touched it? Rather horse-c$#ck and bug juice after 70 days into the 60 day run midrats on my old SSN.
 Of course he never did. And a little off topic: I wish all here might remember the "Bonus marches" that the government put down with violence. Are we to see a similar outcome soon? McArthur is long gone, but we have many more pantywaist partisans in the military now who might allow just such a thing to happen again. I pray for our Republic.
"THe $h!t I have to do for the photo ops to fool the low information voter is disgusting.  But, it works!" 
My baloney has a first name, O-B-A-M-A...
Cuz Obama, has a way, with B*llSh*t on a piece of bread.
 BOQ., BZ!
"Closing my eyes and wishing has worked well for everything else!"
"I'm never, ever, going to be allowed to eat one of these. None. Not even one. Ever."
Dammit!  I bet Clinton would know how to work this zipper.
Here's that $hit Sandwich I promised each of you. I hope you like it for a change.