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Bull Scheiße Funding Priorities

Vets may be chased away by dogs, Chaplains may be threatened with prison, but at least our Army is getting a brand spanking new Mechanical Bull.

Article: HERE



 Well, the Army Guard is.  And they're their own force with their very own 4-star and everything now.
National Guard recruiting is funded through a mix of federal and state funds, not sure what that mix might be. I do believe that they are present at just about every county fair in the land.
 ISTR that the head of the NG Bureau back in the 80s was a 4 star. I may not be remembering correctly, however.
If they just signed the contract, the decision to buy the bull happened months ago, probably at least 3 and more likely 6.  IIRC, the National Guard Bureau gets recruiting funds that technically are separate from the Army budget for things like this (or climbing walls, or renting facilities, etc.). These could also have used funds that would have otherwise expired, and had been appropriated back in 2011 or 2012, so this was the best use for them. 

The chief of the NGB didn't get 4 star status, and a seat on the Joint Chiefs until 2008.