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A whale about to be unbeached...

131011-N-KK576-015.JPG NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (Oct. 11, 2013) Newport News Shipbuilding begins flooding Dry Dock 12 to float the first in class aircraft carrier, Pre-Commissioning Unit Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78). (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Joshua J. Wahl /Released).

More here.  It was their birthday.  Nice present.  We can't even get a decent new SP howitzer.


You can probably have "a" new SP howitzer. Battalions of them is probably not going to happen. There's no Field Artillery in Air-Sea Battle.
  Sadly, just another target.
 To date CVs have been quite valuable. The next war, your Navy had better have an extremely good SSN fleet, because those pretty bird farms ain't gonna last long if you don't go after the other guy's SS and SSNs first. It will look like the 8th AF over Europe before the P-51s otherwise.
Pretty boat though.

As it's been built in dry dock, is flooding the dry dock equivalent to launching a ship built on the ways? 
CCO, That would be a yes.
FYI... www dot gcaptain dot com Has more photos & information on page 2 The dry dock in question is the size of a large subdivision. The ship is probably over 1,000 feet long and only looks to be taking up half of the length of the dry dock. My old ride could probably fit in under the elevators.
All you brain-dead denizens, knock it off! You're bemusing the new fan...
 Gad.  He did the captcha to get that in.  Simply.amazing.  And... gone.
Old QM--thanks for the heads up. That's a good site.

"Log Warriors!" 
Old QM--wrong service (wet as oppose to dry)? 
When my Dad was stationed at NAS Oceana he would sometimes take me in to Newport News. Would walk through the build areas and along the sea wall. Was always awesome to see these giants in the fog in the morning, with welding sparks drifting down through the street lights. Been years ago. But it wasn't impressive enough to convince me to join the Navy, quite the opposite actually ;)
BloodSpite, my logic--such as it was--was that you can't dig a foxhole in the ocean. Really, it was more like that everybody else in the family had been in the Army.