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Witold Pilecki

 Someone you should know.



Assuming the story is true (many of the sources cited are on the internet, but we KNOW everything on the internet is true). this Polish officer was an incredible warrior, leader, hero and one of the bravest SOB's I've ever heard of.

I don't think you could make up a story like this, so I believe it, and wow.  Just wow!  As Phib would say, "Fullbore!"
 Here's some reputable links for our internet skeptic...

New York Times Book Review
National Public Radio (on these topics, they're reliable)
The official Polish government bio.
The Atlantic magazine.
The Times (UK).
A link to the book on Amazon.

I think we're okay believing this one...  ;^)
I had heard a part of this years ago ... the initial volunteering, escape, and report ... and had always wondered if the teller was making up a tale to impress on us the idea of what courage was. In a way it's wonderful to learn that there really was such a man. When you reach for the stars, sometimes you get there.

No greater love ... indeed.
Cavalry ...