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We apologize for the inconvenience...

 ...but bleepin' Chinese spammers won't leave the Castle alone.  Blocking on average 10K spam comments a day now. Auto-banned over 150 IP addresses, all in China, Guanzhou and Beijing.  And  10 spam or so a day get through all the filters, because they're overwhelming them.  

Which affects you guys with double-postings, etc, because while you're not being blocked, the resources on the server are getting overwhelmed.

Just so ya know.


Thanx for the heads up. I did notice, here of late, it isn't taking as long for my comments to get posted. It took as much as 5 minutes for some reason, and I would often get the message that you were sending the Gnomes to bed without their supper again. They've probably starved to death by now, and that maybe why the Red Chinks are getting so much through.
Wow you have been discovered by the Red Chinese as a danger to their way of life or something.
John is a major threat to their way of life, something that I'm sure the Chicoms recognize.
Lessee if I can leave a comment. If I can, as I said in email, bolt cutters for typing fingers are the only appropriate punishment for spammers. Yeah, there are also nerve agents.