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The SSG and Koshka

(Click on the picture to hear the radio interview)

Read the story of the Staff Sgt. and his Afghan Kitteh.  Article: HERE



My first act as Chief Executive would be to grant blanket immigration authorization to all Interpreters in Afghanistan and Iraq who want to comae and can pass a security check. And give the State Department 60 days to do all the paperwork. On day 61, one SES per day will be put on unpaid administrative leave until the case load is exhausted.
My second EO (Executive Order) would be to immediately allow entry of all mascots/pets/four-legged companions rescued, adopted or otherwise saved by US soldiers from the savagery of the less-enlightened locals.
My third EO would be to rescind the Clinton-era ban on firearms on post by other than law enforcement or relevant security types. An armed society is a polite society. Those who misuse the priviledge would be removed from society permanently and with prejudice. The official motto of the Military Police would be: "Factum fuimus eventus" ("Behaviors (literally, 'actions') have consequences.")
And I haven't even gotten to ObamaCare...or implementing Glenn's idea of flooding the bureauacracy with killer interns. Heh. (TM)