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The new office...

The new digs. Another feature about the new office... I can take pictures in it. That didn't usetabe true! And if I carried a cell phone, I could carry it in here. And there are *other* things I can carry in here, too... None of which was true in the other office.

Needs a phone number assigned, too - before someone snarks the obviously-not-hooked-up telephone. Of course, as noted on Facebook - that's a feature, not a bug.

And, on any given day, there's at least one, and at times three or more, dogs at the office.  How can you not like a puppy-friendly workplace?



Ok now show us the dogs.
Unfortunately, this will be my last post. Four tries is more than I'm willing to do.
Hate to see that Centurion. The captcha can be a pain if some of the characters aren't quite legible. It usually just take one retry for me. So, you're out of the Crowbar Office Complex. But, like Bill, I wanna see the dog. Buffy might like it there :-)
I see Assistant Fire Marshal in your near future
 We have trained teh Centurion.  He may still venture forth in the comments.

It helps to be just across the hall.
 Buffy would *not* like it here.  She would be away from her goats, and she takes that responsibility very seriously.

That's some good looking artillery pieces on the top of your cupboard. 
VGA on a DVI capable monitor? Tsk Tsk.

 Not as of this morning.  Hadda get the right cables, as they didn't come with the monitor.

You people.  You ain't payin' the bills, but you sure got opinions...

I'm going to need some cat hair for scale.....
So the centurion is right across the hall? It's a wonder you could stand the wailing long enough to get over and train him :-) I'm sure you're right about Buffy. Sue Ellen then? On second thought, they'd probably put you back in the crowbar Office complex for that one. If you don't want our opinions, why do have a comment section? I have DVI monitors for CAD work, but am using VGA cables and don't notice the difference. Mayhaps it's my 59 yo eyes.
I have a hard enough time making a single post. No way I'm going for the dreaded double post.
 And the Centurion doesn't wail.  That's unColonel-like. 

He whinges.
 Whinging is even worse. How you gonna stand it?
When he gets through inspecting all the fire extinguishers and exit lights, we'll make him the kennel master, he's already volunteered. That'll keep him busy.
 That's what the comfy chair is for.

I prefer to be styled "The Master of the Hounds." 
The comfy chair? No,  not that please, not the comfy chair......

Too late, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition !