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Sorry about the Captcha...

 ...which also doesn't appear to be working quite right, in that it doesn't appear in the comment box unless you hit the "Preview" button - but it has stopped the Chinese deader'n  Colonel Lewis Millet's bayonet charge.

Update: If you use the "Preview" button - you will have to re-enter the captcha code.  Ergo, if you are going to use the preview button, you can skip the captcha until you are *at* the preview screen.  Put another way - only fill out the captcha when you are going to hit "submit."


Works here. (Submit button only.)
 It appears to be different depending on how you have your browser settings - especially security settings.
I can understand the why, and have no trouble with it. Too many have had to go to that arrangement to keep the spam out. If it works, good on ya!