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Something for the tankers among us



Backhanded comment on PMCS and the quality of motor pool mechanics, when you go on a mission with the tow bars already slung in ready position?

 You'd prefer to sit brokedown under fire after getting a track blown off waiting for the M-88 to make it's way up from the rear to attach one when your wingman could haul your busted arse out of harms way in a matter of seconds?
A good indicator that this crew and their unit has actually been in combat. Also, this tank is from an Armored Cavalry Regiment where self recovery is a vital crew task (how did I know that?).
Centurion, I have the feeling you've spent a bit of time in the "enemy" camp. I like the idea of the tow bar at ready when you go into combat. makes a heap of sense.
That is an odd place to bolt a spare wheel.
 To add:
Back in the dinosaur days of M60-s we always rolled out of the motor pool with both tow cabled mounted to the tow hooks, one on front strapped up and one on back strapped up so everyone had one available on either end and a quick cross-over hook up was possible without monkeying around with them getting them out from undeneath the bustle rack.

This came in handy more times than I can remember... unless you were the lazy LT that couldn't be bothered to mount yours and called over others to 'help' :P
Watched some of the Syrian Videos of the Syrian army having to do recovery under fire, not fun at all, they use cables, mostly on the back it seems.
Brad - It's easily accessible and doesn't block anything, like a vison block, or the CITV, or the M240 on the loader's hatch skate ring.  I think it's a fine place for it myself.
Oops, forgot the NOT!