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Serious Racking

... Of the M1911, that is:



 I like them,,,,,er it.
 Heather Lacroix, lots of shootem ups on You Tube. 
 Hmmm as long a they do it with their 1911's I'm ok with it. To be serious I wonder if subsonic does better/worse than supersonic ammo under water?

sigh just ordered a SAM 1911 in .40cal, because I so "needed" another 1911.....
Wait, there was a female in the clip?
A two-handed rack, for sure. Um... like all semis...
Or most semis. JtA might well have an Einhand in his collection, civvy though it is.
No eye, or ear protection. A semi blocked barrel. Or at least full of a non-compressible liquid. Looks like a bad idea.
 I'm with Old QM.  Meh.
Indeed... OQM...all that heavy breathing notwithstanding...a pointless, mindless, mis-use of a beautiful weapon. Best
God love ya, Old QM.
Wonder what that is going to do to the steel internals. Off to the gunsmith shop.