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Sad? The world got ya down?

Take my advice... BE THE GOAT!
Not that I actually *follow* my own advice, mind you. Doesn't mean it isn't good. It just means I'm damaged...  but trust me.  Goats are good for the soul.  They have a great perspective.  *Everything* around them is silly, and a toy.  Or food.  They do take the whole food thing seriously.


Defined that way I've long "been the goat".

Being able to see the silly certainly offers a respite of sorts.AND draws some curious looks when ya giggle dring "serious" moments.
I really like goats. My landlord used to have a billy goat, until the neighbors ratted him out to the zoning nazis. Charly Elvis was a most-excellent goat, and would butt my hand, but never my head. Every time I went to see him, I made sure I had an index card in my pocket. He loved to eat those.
I reckon it's time to repeat this one. Now, the Armorer does know where I live, but I hope he'll not look me up and hurt me for this one:

Back in the day, when movie film was still made of celluloid, a coupla goats were nosing around in the trash bins behind a movie theater. They came upon a thrown-away reel of film from Gone With the Wind, and one of the goats sampled it. The other goat asked, "How was that?" "Eh, okay", the first goat said, and then, "but I liked the book better."
I'm sure that everyone's experience varies. Goats are useful creatures to be sure: milk, meat, wool, and companionship for horses. They can be amusing and gentle beasts, but  they are likewise stubborn, obstinate, destructive, and annoying.

My goats are here to be companions to our steady stead now retired from the hunt field. When she passes on, the goats usefullness will approach zero and their chances of surviving that transistion will be very low indeed.
 Centurion, give 'em to the Armorer, he has a real soft spot for wee beasties.