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PIATs! Because you can't ever have too many PIATs.

 ...2 each.  The Projector, Infantry, Anti-Tank.  No, it doesn't toss grunts at tanks.  It's essentially a spigot mortar that tosses bombs at tanks.  And has a 200lb recoil.  Basically proving that the British *hated* their WWII infantry, who had an average weight of about 160lbs...

Here's a pic of both basic PIAT variants - one with the very familiar adjustable monopod (the one in back) and the one with the early, non-adjustable bipod/monopod.  I suppose it's technically a monopod, as it has one foot, but visually...

Anyway, here they are, one in an early configuration, one in a late configuration.  One with a standard HE bomb in it, the other with the subcaliber tray and a custom-made reproduction sub-caliber round (originals are hard to find and pricey).

Both pictures will embiggen upon being clicked.


 Aren't they a bit like a Bofors in that the firing takes place whilst the mechanism is running forward, thus reducing recoil?  I know that they say that firing one from the hip deserves a VC, but that big mass recoiling backward to recock it must reduce some of the recoil forces.  (Go on John, fire it - you know you want to know!)
 The rod moves forward, into the tube, eventually striking a cap on a charge at the base of the bomb.  The bomb shoves off, and Mr. Newton shoves back, compressing that 200lb spring.  Well, it does if you have it properly tucked in and your feet are braced.  If not, then it just smashes your clavicle, and fails to recock, meaning that 160lb soldier gets to go through the gyrations of recocking the PIAT, and do it under fire.
One has to wonder how they came up with such a user unfriendly device.

Wazzat on the floor, lower right, second photo, John?  We see the front sight and two swivels - I assume one sling and one stacking.


And I take back what I said about your Captcha being easy to read.

 The captcha is easy sometimes, and really hard other times.  And it sux on a cell phone or android device (like my Kindle).  I turned it off for 5 minutes this morning, and the Chinese smacked me with 100 spam, so, I turned it back on.

On the floor is a dummy bayonet training rifle.
Have to wonder how you got picked to be the recipient of so much attention from the Chinese. 
 Probably because I was one of the few mid-level traffic blogs that didn't use registration or some other form of spam-blocking, like a captcha.  
Obviously, whoever came up with the design, didn't realize what a piatsco he inflicted on the British forces.