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Passing observation...

 Yanno, one of the things I find myself chuckling about as we watch the Syria fiasco unfold... is the role reversals.

Even some of my staunch "We are a Republic, not a democracy!" friends are all "You must follow the will of the people!" I.e., bend like a reed in the storm of public opinion polling. And not a few of the "You must utterly submit to the will of the 51%!" are now all, "Hey, we elected you to be a *leader* - so firm up, and lead, damn you! Ignore the sheep and fight!"

But the Right/Left divide in that group is not as clear as it usually is.



 Okay, we find evidence of Saran Gas, everybody's solution is bomb Syria. As I look at this situation, I have this "nagging wife" type question. To me, the question comes down to who is responsible for the use of this nerve agent. Who do we bomb? In my view, either side could be responsible. This makes a very complex situation even more complex. Many are looking at a regime change as the answer, that may make things even worse. As my father always told me, "FIRST, do your homework, BEFORE you do anything and do it RIGHT! Before you do ANYTHING, PROVE your homework, FIRST!
 There's even more irony to this. Putin is actually talking more sense than the idiots in the district of corruption.

For me this is a matter of asking the reps of the people to say yea or nay. That's the way in a constitutional Republic, as we are. The evidence, what ever it is, is to be presented to Congress with the request Zer0 is making, and they weight the evidence and say yes or no. So far nothing has really been prsented that would say used the weapons and, consequently, who should be bombed. The question of whether bombing will have any effect is another question to be nswered, and you need to know more than what we have seen so far.

I find it hard to avoid laughter when Putin is saying what Zer0 should be saying, but isn't. We are so cursed to have Zer0 in teh White House.
 I'm against going in without a full commitment to nation-building, because that is exactly where we are headed.
When I think of this Syria thing, I think of the Mexican War. Thoreau went to jail over it, U.S. Grant obeyed his orders and went to war, though he deplored the thing. At least the Mexican War was fought in cold-blooded expansionist national interest, and gave us some land and other goodies. This proposed Syrian thing won't do any American any good, and will just make some people madder at us who are already mad at us.

Oh, and it seems to show that USA is the bitch of (your choice) global banksters, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the EU, Israel, or some convolvulated combination of the above. Enough! I say. No more!

It may take real balls to say something like, "Nossir, I'll not obey that order. Nossir I don't need it in writing, I ain't gonna obey it nohow, it being so blatantly un-Constitutional. Yessir, I understand about the Court-Martial. I prefer a cigarette, no blindfold."
Yah, I know, that's why they intend to use drones, so as not to raise resistance among honest officers about needlessly endangering their men on silly pointless adventures.