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Meh. A pox on politics.

 Proponents of Obamacare, on why dissent against the law is nigh unto... unlawful:

"‘It’s the law of the land.”

Hmmm. Much of that same demographic rejected that argument regarding DOMA...

Yes, I understand, DOMA finally ran afoul of the Supreme Court, and Obamacare thus far has not.

Yet many of that same demographic assert that the Supreme Court was wrong on Heller, and seek to find ways around that, and to find a case to take to SCOTUS that might strike Heller, or better yet, the Second Amendment altogether, or at least tie it to a modern interpretation of the word militia.

That's just principled citizenship, whereas opposing Obamacare is nigh unto disloyal and bordering on criminal.


I'm more open to elements of what Obamacare is trying to do than most of my friends. But the hysterical defenses of same are just tiresomely hypocritical.

But I'm a well-known squish.


You must conform to Obamacare, it's the law of the land.

You cannot enforce immigration laws, we don't care for those laws.

Out of the same mouth.
Well, Prohibition was a "supreme" law of the land .... a Constitutional amendment. Americans were able to finally reverse that. Unfortunately, unpopular and budget-crushing entitlements are much harder to reverse once people get a taste or addiction for them.
 DOMA ran afoul of a justice that can't read teh law, and doesn't care in the least about it. FedGov has the right to define what a marriage is, just as the states do. Calling two men husband and wife, does not make it so just as calling a tail a leg makes it so.

Congress is the correct place to fight over teh law, but teh left just wants to ignore what they don't like. That, in the end, brought us Lincoln's war, something I hope avoide in the future, but I am not at all snaguine about the USA remaining as a political entity. In fact, I think we have less than 10 years remaining as the contradictions keep piling up.