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I do love the guy who drives the BBT...

israeli_81mm.jpg New goodness in the Arms Room. Israeli 81mm training round (completely inert, d-uh). Flanked by Brit 3in (aka, 81mm) rounds (also completely inert). The two shiny ones flanking the light blue Israeli are Brit mid-production rounds - i.e., what they looked like after they'd been cast and machined and given a laquer protective coating, before being shipped off to be filled and painted and packaged for service. Usually shipped with plugs, but I've got two inert training fuzes in there, as when I found these, they didn't have plugs.


The USPS, UPS, FedEx and other package delivery companies really HATE you. RHB
 The FedEx guy actually does.  He's a city boy and is terrified of the animals.  Especially the turkeys.  
No, NOT take the straight line that John offered....Bad Joe.
Ya know, if you were to put some BBs. or maybe unpopped popcorn in those, they would make really really cool maracas.