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Dueling Cut-aways on Facebook

Since I seem to be in a competition on Facebook, I figured I might as well stick one up here, too. nagant.jpg


Nice!  I wish I owned that.  In fact, I did, but let it be adopted by a good home.  Glad ot see it is appreciated and well cared for.
I have always been curious about the difference in the grip design of American and European revolvers. In general the Euro designs have a high rise slender grip vs the larger shorter design of the Colt, Remington and Smith. Could it be that the mode of employment i.e. horseback versus afoot have any thing to do with it? I would point out that the Iver Johnson design of a small grip was for the smaller caliber guns that were not often carried in a open holster or were kept under the counter of small businesses. Going under the guise of Curious George.
Compare the grips to a semi auto. The European revolvers seem to include more of a hump that allows you to more easily find a consistent grip. Ours have a much smaller hump, which is easily overridden by large hands, and some not so large. Our single actions, of course, seem to have been designed to defeat any attempt at consistency/accuracy, since your grip slips up with every shot. (makes it easier to cock, though.)
Does this mean the Euros were more concerned with actual accurate shooting than we, or was it all just stylin'?