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And you think your cubicle is small and cramped...

3rd_ID_M1A1_Abrams_TC_and_Gunner_2008.jpgU.S. Army Sgt. Rice and Spc. Mike Seif, both in an M1A1 Abrams tank equipped with a recently updated tank urban survivability kit, conduct a counter improvised explosive device mission in Baghdad, Iraq, Dec. 22, 2007. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Luke Thornberry) (Released) (Released to Public)


I think they have lots of room, lots and lots ...

Sleeps four, fires big bullets.
Try an A-7 cockpit. The HUD is about 6 inches from your nose...and will be the first thing that goes through your mind (literally) if you hit something. 
 Panther, I thought you were a Zoomie, not a squid. :-)
 The Gunner on the left is supposed to be wearing all the bulky crap the Commander on the right is wearing.. (And diety forbid the SGM catch him outside the turret without it!)

I know how he feels, being 6'2" I barely fit there myself.
Just a normal day at the office for us 19K's.

Look up the 23rd Fighter Wing (aka the Flying Tigers). Yes, those Flying Tigers. 
Quartermaster: Additionally, the Puerto Rican Air National Guard flew A-7Ds into the early 90s before transitioning to Vipers.
Panther, I'm aware that the AF took on the A-7 for a period of time. I also remember how the AF generals swore they would never take another Navy Ac after the F-4, but they did. Did you wear the Blood Chit? :-) The Alaska ANG also operated the A-7 for a number of years.
Quartermaster, re: blood chit: you betcha--gotta find it though. Probably in the barn somewhere with my flight hemmet and mouldy g-suit (the chits are still used in a manner of speaking but updated for region, languages, etc.)
Re: AF Generals and AF Navy airplanes--works both ways...after McNamara saddled the USAF with the F-111, he tried to do the same with the Navy. Tom Moorer sucessfully resisted. Hence the F-14 "Tomcat," in his honor (rightfully earned). Or so my Navy buddies tell me. Probably apocryphal but it sounds like a good story...and anything that slags robert STRANGE mcnamara I'm for. The A-7 wasn't THAT rare in the USAF. Hell of a bomber and we took a momentary step backward, accuracy-wise, when we got rid of her.