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Ah, the stoopid, it burns!

 Ah, the asshattery. Every community has it's embarrassing members, who have to push the envelope and expect the rest of us to go along.. We people of the gun are no exception. Of course, I'm a well-known squish.

I'm linking to this article at Business Insider vice the actual Starbucks blog because their server is down, I assume from the traffic overload.

BTW - I'm not that big a fan of Starbucks' pretentiously named, very expensive coffee. But in addition to being a well-known squish, I'm also not known for being hip or cool.

Read The Full Letter From The CEO Of Starbucks Asking Customers To Stop Bringing Guns Into Stores


I read the letter and, I believe, most of the comments.  This is a non-issue for me, as I generally never set foot in a Starbucks anyway.  I don't care for their pretentious ambiance and their overpriced, mediocre coffee. Dunkin Donuts has better coffee, but also tends to have thugs with badges. You pays yer money and takes yer choice.
 Overpriced they are. Also, a portion of every purchase goes to support Sodomy.
Meh. I don't see what's stupid about that letter. Starbucks was cool enough to go with the flow and allow open carry where it's legal.

Problem is that the diehards on both sides couldn't leave wel enough alone. Starbucks has every right to ask people to take the politics elsewhere, so they can sell coffee. Note they asked, not banned.
On principle I suppoort the right of a buisness owner to refuse service to anyone he chooses. Even to allow or deny the ability of customers or employees to smoke in his buisness. So therefore I support this buisness' right to say that the second amendment does not apply within their doors. I also support the right and responsibility of the consumer to make an informed decision as to whether they should bless any buisness with their hard earned dollars.

I for one will never again see the inside of this buisness (gonna miss the Chi Tea, but not the price tag).

 As I discovered over on Facebook, this was not my clearest bit of writing.

When I say "Teh Stoopid" I'm referring to the gunnies who are going to pugnaciously "assert their rights!" and carry in Starbucks stores, as well as those who (like their counterparts among the antis) have turned Starbucks stores into protest/counter-protest battlefields.

I understand the "public accomodation" principle that some are applying here - I don't think it fits as nicely as some wish it to, but that's kind of a different issue.