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A moment of Gunnie Zen...



Hot brass flies through the air
turning in the sun

Sweet clicks on the ground.


(yeah, I suck at haiku)

back in my Armored Cav days, when I was a "new guy", I got to hump the dang barrel to the Ma Deuce down to the motor pool when we had an alert.  They would throw the gun itself in a jeep and drive it down.  I'd climb up on the old "3 track" with my headspace and timing gauge and set up the gun.  Later on they moved the "3 track" down to the front of the barracks which made it far easier to set up the gun.  The problem really got solved when I got that big fine M577, no gun!
(3 track was the M113 that we used for our cav troop mobile command post)
dang, that barrel was heavy!
Roy Patterson 14th Armored Cav
Flashes in the sun.
Mother Deuce splits her children.
Music in the rocks.

Carrying barrels: In the summer of 62, I was noticed by the armourer for not having anything in my hands during a NATO alert. He gave me two 50 barrels and said "Run to the motor pool with these.". Away I went chugging along at a good pace when coming out of a long building pass through. Just as I hit open air a very nice looking nurse captain happened to be running at right angle to me. Good thing she was short or she would have had at least one big bump on her head. As was she hit the ground, rolled a couple of times the bounced up. I said sorry and kept on going. What she did I haven't a clue.
 Augetter, if you could come up with a catchy title you've got a good start on a paraphrased version of Margaritaville with a Military angle.
Thud, thud, thud, she said
Perfect streaks of death hit home
grateful cheers from troops
Speaking of the caliber 50.....did I mention that I got to shoot a Barrett last weekend? And a Thompson, and an uzi, and, and.......