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Where The Old Is New

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this picture over at SKK's Bloggie Perch:

Nokesville, Va. - Marines prepare for their tactical demonstration while a M4 Sherman tank follows in tow at the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles on Aug. 17. The volunteers donned World War II era Marine uniforms and weapons and engaged a fixed position with period weapons including an M2 flamethrower. Photo by USMC CPL Paris Capers
My first thought was: "Was this a snap of Marines on patrol in Peleliu"?

Why, It was from Boom-Boom Palooza 2013, of course!



The main give-away is the cleanliness of the uniforms. Otherwise, Peleliu would have been a great guess. Cool pic.
That Sherman doesn't appear to be 'in tow'
Nice touch of authenticity- the carbine at left has no bayonet lug adapter... that would be correct for the time.
That scene was part of a mock assualt, btw. We fired the turret gun, and the Marines crept along the crowd line, "firing" their M-1's. Wouldn't an officer have the carbine, though? I thought the E's mostly carried Garands. But what do I know... I'm a gurl.  ; )
Carbines were carried by a variety of soldiers and Marines, members of machine gun and mortar squads, for example. That would make this picture very accurate. Excepting one thing: leggings. They quickly fell out of fashion with most troops in the Pacfic.
Here is a military tribute video that I made. Never forget the ones who died for our freedom!
 Looks like the guy with his arm up is wearing a shoulder holster as well. 
I noticed that the pics I have seen of Marines on Guadalcanal, as just one example, none were wearing leggings. So, I'd have to agree with Centurion. Not that he'd be crushed if I didn't :-)
The guy with the arm up is carrying a tripod for a .30 cal M1919 Browning.  That would make him the Assistant Gunner, who would, by MTOE, be armed with an M1911A1 .45 cal pistol.  The shoulder holster, while not strictly speaking being something authorized for infantrymen, was a prized status symbol for any soldier or Marine who could manage to obtain one.