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We Need Levity

This World is going fast down the swirly.  I guess it's high time for a brief moment of levity.

Oh - Shucks. Nevermind



 Hey!  We see it all the time in the news...someone unloads the gun, starts to clean it, and it goes off.  Heck, look at that DEA officer who unloaded his gun, the "Glock 40" that only he was professional enough to handle, who shot himself in the foot in front of a room full of high school students.


Them unloaded gunz is dang'rus.

Immaculate detonation. Not quite sure how they explain the expended cartridge case with the dent in the primer. Same crowd that is being terrorized by gangs of thugs toting CMP M-1 Garands. Thank Goodness the President has our backs on that one.
Ms. Sheedy is (or was) a member of the Sacramento, Californa, CIty Council.

She is a Democrat.

She is also an idiot, but such is often the case with Democrat elected officials, and nearly all officials in California.
 I think it's a requirement to apply for a high office in Sacramento. It would certainly explain a lot of what goes on out here.
John (NTA), I am sorry but I was raised to understand that Democract and Idiot were interchangeable  terms!

Now you mean to tell me that they are different?  My World Churns!  :) 
Even the VES understands the *Stoooopid* is strong with this one, and I quote, "Doesn't she have somewhere else to be stupid right now?"  And in the "Guess the Party, Guess the State" game, she scored 100%. 
Kinda brings a tear of pride to my eye, don'cha know.
 And then there are the bayonets ...

People, people, people, "It's for the children!"