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Spread Eagle Picklehaube



Someone locked their knees, LOL.
I'm not sure what to make of this. Was the Kaiser just assasinated by a group of kindergarten teachers?

 The Colombian Army uses picklehaube, with their Class A Uniforms.  i suspect that this is a Colombian picture
Ouch.. faceplant. Well at least shes eating her greens.
AND she's lying more or less at attention.

At least it's grass and not pavement.
 It appears, since nobody knows, at best, to be  a "Wild ass guess", to be Bradley Manning telling these ladies – you once to spend the rest of his life as a woman. They are not happy. They have enough to deal with already. To put it mildly, he is really screwed.
Raging Tachicoma hast recht.  Occam's Razor, and all. "DON'T LOCK YER KNEES!" they told me when I was an eleven-year-old Boy Scout.
Why do they all have putters?

Not a bad pair of legs in the bunch.  Who the hell are they?
At a 4th ID Division parade in 1977-1978 The only parade with Fixed Bayonet i participated in Somebody in front of me locked their knees and passed out people were grabbing the M-16 not worrrying about the Soldier when he passed out