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Regarding the Embassy shut-down

The way we've handled this, whether by design or simple inability to think it through (and I rather suspect, in a sense, both at once) serves to display weakness and fear, and in so doing, shows how the jihadis, investing only in cell and internet service, can "Make the puppet dance."

And feeds their ego. They made us lift our skirts and run.

I know, I know, saving lives, etc. Got that, and, in the end, don't necessarily disagree.

But you have to understand that all the blathering by politicos desperate for air time just feeds the beast, and to them (and the great many others watching from the sidelines) it's a big win in the war of the mind.

There were ways to have done essentially the same thing without looking like Monty Python's Knights running from the vorpal bunny.

There were ways, but I despair of any wisdom in our political class, especially regarding things foreign policy.

We're so desperate to score domestic points from either side that we've just punted doing anything other than being reactive on the foreign policy front.

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This is an Administration that cannot stand criticism and does not take it very well. Their response to it is invariably on the wrong side of the truth meter in the strong belief that a good lie often repeated will soon become accepted as fact.  The press are their co-conspirators in this endeavor. In this case, Susan Rice was stung by the criticism that she received over Benghazi, and as the new National Security Advisor she does not want another black mark against her.  It doesn't wear very well with the White House crowd. So, better to take action to avoid a headline and suffer long term consequences than to stand up to these bastards. Makes Nevill Chamberlain look like the Duke of Wellington.
The farther from 9/11 we go, the closer to 9/10 we get.
"Makes Nevill (sic) Chamberlain look like the Duke of Wellington." - Love that one. On a personal note: I have not been in every US embassy in the ME, but I have been in 2 of them (Manama and Abu Dhabi). I realize that there is always a danger of death and destruction at the entry portal if a suicide bomber were to present him/herself. However, isn't that chance built into the plan? I cannot conceive of anyone at those 2 embassies, making it into the compound. - Just an observation...
Considering all the green on blue attacks that have occurred, perhaps the main threats now are not just suicide bombers, but more attacks like Benghazi.
 fdcol63, you are no fool and have been around the block a few times, at least. Your first comment shows an accurate assessment or analysis of the situation. But, you don't touch the real question. This is not about Red or Blue, this is about America. Ask yourself this question, "How did we get to 9/11, honestly, without the politics?"You will not like this the answer, thank you, for your continued service to this Great Nation.
 Wer couldn't get to 9/11 without the politics. One side of our domestic politics is utrterly incompetent (and they include a very large contingent of the GOP such as McCain, Graham, McConnell, Boner, and others), and the other is such a minority they have no influence. Our politics have two sides, the realists, and the insane.

I was in Germany during Prague Spring (I think the Armorer was too, but may be remembering wrong). We went to Chiemsee on vacation and remember seeing VW micobuses with "Duncek yes, Brezhnev no!" painted on them. In Stuttgart the very people that protested that the Bundesrepublik was not socialist enough were the leaders in the protest against Ivan's invasion. Things got real quite for the rest of the time we were there (left in Oct '69). Ivan's tame Commies escaped captivity and they had to rebuild their overt networks almost from scratch.

We have much the same problems here, except Ivan isn't around agitating for world socialism anymore. They're just stupid enough to do it on their own. They are clincally insane. That's what brought us to 9/11.
It's my belief that the show is really intended for home consumption. See how necessary all of this internet monitoring and communication data mining is, unbeliever? Look how tirelessly your government works to uncover terror plots and protect all of our people overseas!  That whole Benghazi thing happened in spite of our very best efforts! Don't believe any of those evil right-wingers who say that it was also due to the incompetence, ineptitude and imbecility of our government's best and brightest!

Sorry, guys. It's hard not to get bitter these days about what passes for leadership and competence these days - in ALL levels of the political establishment.
America withers a little more each Day.
Iron gone rusty, to a mouth full of Clay
The right blames left, the left blames right
Forgotten is the unity of Might

America the Strong, America the Brave
What good is such, when held by a Knave?
Is Master the enemy or friend that you Crave?
One who blames another is the true Slave

 The Neon Madmen, we have a two-party system, but they are not the Republican or Democratic Parties. If you look at what we call leaders, it says a great deal. Democratic and Republican principles have no bearing. Our country is split between the elites in non--elitists. The elites have no problem sending the non-elutes to war, but they don't see their own responsibilities to the military or veterans who fought those very same wars. Only recently have we really started to understand some of their responsibilities. If the kids not at least start to understand, they would not have a military. Which is a US Constitutional responsibility.