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Putin goes mad?

That or he's really peeved about the lack of homophobia sweeping the planet.

 Leave aside some very practical issues of force projection... if this is true (and I have no sense of this news organ) this really could be August 1914 Redux.

Personally, I think not so much.


 Looking closer - these guys kind of look like the Infowars of Euroland.
Wait, so if we attack Syria, the Russians and the Middle East start trying to annihilate each other leaving few resourses to attack us?

I'm failing to see the downside of this argument. :-)
That would be a fairly long mission for their AF. I have no doubt they could do it, however. If they had an Air base nearer to their targets they could mount a serious air war against the Saudis. The question would be how we react.
Quartermaster.  I would see a strongly worded letter to those bad Russians. it's all that smart diplomacy we have come to expect!
John, did you read any of the comments? Yoicks.

I did get a chuckle when the article's author called the west the "lap dogs" of the Saudis.

Saber-rattling aside, is there any sane reason for the US to intervene?
Quartermaster, who said anything about the Red Air Force (though they can probably use Iranian airspace, for once Iran and the USSR are on the same side).
The Red Banner Fleet Indian Ocean Squadron has long range missiles, so does the Red Banner Fleet Mediterranean Squadron.
And with reinforcements from the Black Sea and Pacific fleets those are potent indeed, more than enough to rain down hundreds if not thousands of cruise missiles on the kingdom.
And no doubt the targets will be oil pipelines and terminals and airfields.