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Patrone, Uebung, 7.62x51mm DM18A1B1

Because I know you wanted to know. The bullet is formed integral to the cartridge case as is blown free upon firing.


Looks like a reduced velocity and impact practice round designed for Indoor Ranges.  How close did I get? 
 Um, spot on.  Too bad it wasn't a whatziss...
 Actually, I was wondering about that... 
What kind of a charge does it hold? Or is it just a primer?
It had powder in it up to the beginning of the shoulder on the case.  Fairly fine-grained powder, though I wasn't really looking at that this morning.
 Might could be that the powder is just a filler.
Iocane powder?
Iocane powder?

Bloody Sicilians. Pain in the ass... 
And while not lethal through several layers of jeans and carhartts they make a bloody impressive bruise. Past forty or so yards though they probably don't even hurt much. One was enough for me.
Wow, Og, I was about to ask about that. With good face protection, that might be good training. What struck me as un-realistic about paintball games, is that in them it doesn't much hurt to get shot.
  Looks at Og with head cocked like a puppy... "What *were* you thinking? Was there a beer involved?"
So much is explained by the words "alcohol was involved>