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Oh, yeah.

It's like this.

It is *so* like this.


The first "that hits the nail on the head" comment will result in an automatic suspension of privileges.
Oh, wait...
 Well you know, when you are made like like a hammer, all solutions look like..... ohnevermind!
Oh god your timing is perfect, I just went through this last night with my wife, just posted the vid to FB, no doubt I will pay a price for that later, but it's so, so true.......
Really?  Really????
 I feel the need to come out from lurking behind the curtains to call shenanigans on this one!
Oops.  I forget SWWBO reads here.

OMG. I am going to be laughing every single time she tells me not to try to fix it. I should just start saying "Woof!" now, I suppose.
Raise your hand if you just want to reach out and PUSH the damn nail in farther! (Cause pulling it out would release a massive gust of wind.)
Whiny wench.
I'm biting my tongue.  biting it, I am 
Just for those who don't remember...  Sly is a gurl!

My testimonial: the couch here at the office is quite adequate for those unforseen overnighters that crop up from time to time. There is nothing in the frig but soda and beer, pick up something on your way.
This is so three months ago ...

"Sly is a gurl!"

Damn straight!
And a retired Marine's wife....which pro'ly explains my lack of empathy.
Spice laughed for about a half an hour. I am a very lucky husband.
Hmm....just played that for my wife.  She just looked at guys know The Look.  Didn't say anything.....

If you don't hear from me in a few days.......
 Compared with the rest of you, I am just a kid. I wonder who would be the "Authority on Mischief", when I think about it I could come here and take lessons from some of the characters. Please, keep it up". When I went into the military, security examine my records and they were clean and the commander came back with the findings. He said,  "You are either good or good at it and we are trying to figure out which one is it, Thank you for your patience and your understanding through some difficult times. We have had a great deal of fun, even with your spell checker in my lousy writing. Guys, if you only takes a certain look to communicate THE MESSAGE, you are much wiser.